• Are you a...HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL: dietician, herbalist, nurse, informally trained aromatherapist, or aspiring to be one?

  • Or maybe you...USE/SELL ESSENTIAL OILS but have no formal training in safe usage, and you feel responsible for keeping your customers/family safe

  • Bottom line is: you're looking for reliable, science-based information you can access easily when you need fast answers so that you can feel comfortable advising others to get them the results they need.

I'll show you what you need to know about essential oils so you can start helping your clients and customers know the essential oils that are going to work for them - safely and effectively!

I’ve taken various courses, buying books (some I’ll never reopen), taking courses on aromatherapy (some I would NOT recommend), and investing in business and marketing courses, coaches, and toolkits.

I don't want you to take almost a decade to get to the level of knowledge I am at, and I certainly don’t want you spending tens of thousands of dollars getting there! I want you to be able to save time and money empowering you with exactly what you need to empower yourself so you can confidently help others!

Exclusive access to Lea's Signature STAR System™

You'll save time by using Lea's Signature STAR System™ to get your clients results quickly and easily. This is the exact system I created and have used for nearly a decade to create my own formulations for clients worldwide with success - and I want to share it with you!

Certification to reflect your expertise

Finally, endorsements available!

Collaborate with other professionals

You'll be in a student-only private community with other health care professionals who are looking for reliable, science-based information, too! Monthly biz & marketing Zoom sessions included where I'll give personalized feedback on everything from social media profiles ro sales pages and how much to change for products.

From hobbyist to 6-figure earner

I’ll teach you how to turn a love and interest in aromatherapy into a business. I'm the perfect person to show you how, because that is exactly what I did!


In fact, a year later to the day I got certified I found myself calling 911 and moving my kids and I into safe houses across various states.


Without the foundation of an essential oil hobby combined with formal training, I would not have been able to stay at home with my kids, homeschool them, and eventually get us our own place.


I furthered my aromatherapy education with high level business and marketing training to create an eventual six-figure a year income that could pay for a lawyer even without child support.


I only mention all this to say it's not only doable - but I've done it! And I can show you how you can grow your love for essential oils into a business, too - even if you're busy.


Rest assured, this program was created for the busy professional in mind.